NANNON may be the most amazing gaming discovery of the 21st century! It is an easy game to learn, but has the same feeling as Backgammon. Roll the die and move one checker if you can. You can't land on yourself or adjacent opponents. If you don't have time for backgammon, try Nannon: A whole game takes a minute or two, and a tournament takes 15 minutes!

The game goes anywhere because it fits inside an Altoids tin! Great in a pub, cafe, classroom, restaurant, etc!

Start a Nannon club with your friends. Order a Six-Pack (for the price of 5) and sell or gift them to family, friends, or buddies from your favorite pub. They are shipped by Priority Mail in the US or international air mail.


We have a limited number of Nannon Tournament Boards, which are wood framed, cork board, with 2 inch Crisloid stones, precision dice, a doubling cube, and a new 3d-printed fibsquared cube. These come with 2 sets of instructions to prevent loss.