We are looking for more retailers to carry the game. There is a Order form below. Ask your local toy, game, or hobby store to carry NANNON like these stores:
Eureka Puzzles
Brookline, MA
Thats Entertainment
Worcester, MA

Compleat Gamester,
Waltham, MA
TJ Collectibles
Milford, MA

But beyond the tin, as the first game with the turnabout dynamics of Backgammon which is small and fast enough to fit on a phone screen and in a slot machine, Nannon is heavily protected intellectual property, with Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Domain protection. It may be played in solitaire, head-to-head, or multi-player tournaments, with or without gambling. Please contact us if you are interested in licensing Nannon in one or more of these settings. Working software is available.

  • Packaged board Game
  • Table Game for Casinos
  • Casino Slot Machine System
  • Mobile phone Multiplayer Casual
  • Mobile phone Money Tournaments
  • Mobile phone Solitaire Slot
  • Palm/PPC/RIM PDA game
  • Portable Electronic Toy
  • Professional Home Gaming Market
  • Component within MMO Game
  • Component within Console Game
  • Internet Casual Games
  • Internet Money Games
  • Internet Branded Advergames